Silk Musk by Wadi Al Khaleej 100 Ml

Silk Musk by Wadi Al Khaleej 100 Ml

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Silk Musk Perfume - Classic and Elegant Must Have Fragrance

Silk Musk Perfume is a Musky fragrance with a modern royal touch for a personality that adores excellence. The mixture blends a rich layer of mature rose bouquets with a warm heart submerged in the luxurious oriental oud, mixed with appealing amber to breathe the finest oriental blend balanced with lasting vitality and a spirit full of ambition.

Silk Musk Perfume has accompanying notes of amber wood and flowers that complement this scent that smells like a bouquet. A summer scent with a current of sea breeze running through it. Its musk undertone helps the seductive scent last for hours, so you don't have to worry about reapplying during the day.


  • Suitable For women and men
  • Contains denatured alcohol (halal)
  • Quantity: 100ml Eau de perfume
  • Bottle with a spray nozzle


Sophisticated and Incredibly Indulging Silk Musk Pakistan

When you're ready to introduce a contemporary fragrance into your routine, choose Wadi Al Khaleej's Silk Musk and experience a delightfully unexpected blend of notes. The scent embodies the adventurous and evocative spirit of the modern personality. Then, redefine your fragrance statement with the Silk Musk perfume by Wadi Al Khaleej.

Middle Eastern perfumes can be intense but incredibly calming too. And this Silk Musk Pakistan is no different. Like walking into a room for aromatherapy, this scent is an excellent addition for summer and winter. Highly unisex, this Silk Musk in Karachi, Pakistan fragrance lasts for a whole day. So you can wear it on any occasion and in any weather. Every droplet of Silk Musk offers elegance and sophistication, captivating the senses.

What is the Price of Wadi Al Khaleej Silk Musk Perfume?

Wadi Al Khaleej created some of the best and most exclusive fragrances, establishing a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury, and elegance. Today Wadi Al Khaleej Perfumes ranks amongst the UAE’s foremost fragrance companies. You can find a range of Wadi Al Khaleej perfumes at Asan Bazar.

Its Silk Musk perfume is one of the greatest perfumes, exemplifying quality, sophistication, and a perfect mastery of the art of fragrance combining. The price ranges from 2500 to 3000 PKR for a 100ml bottle. With Wadi Al Khaleej Silk Musk, the scent of luxury, you are limitless to show the world how classy you can be. With this luminous fragrance, embrace your personality and confidently take each step forward.

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