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Relax Into the Sumptuous Aromas of Arabian Bakhoor Pakistan

Bakhoor is a widely-used Arabic word for the incense which refers to an aromatic compound of woodchips, resin, and other ingredients. Bakhoor Pakistan are ethnic living room accessories that create an aura of eastern culture in your home. Watch as these chips burn and release a rich aroma into the air, creating a peaceful atmosphere that you can enjoy with those you love. Regardless of the event commemorated by Bakhoor in Karachi, Pakistan, you will find that its fragrant smell-filled smoke will clear the mind and calm the nerves.

Bakhoor is an essential ingredient in all Arabian perfumery. Its fragrance can be described as earthy with a woodsy element.


General features of Bakhoor

  • Chemical-free fragrance
  • Earthy aromas
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Ideal for special occasions


Electric Bakhoor Burner - A Smoke Free Way to Delve in Bakhoor Fragrance

We've taken the centuries-old traditional bakhoor incense and translated it into a modern, beautiful, cleaner-burning version that still evokes the same feelings of home and hearth. The best part? You don't need to mess with coals! Simply plug in an electric bakhoor burner, and they're to serve. Each bakhoor burner is crafted from high-grade, long-lasting materials designed for maximum heat efficiency with no mess or fuss. We guarantee you'll love the way our incense gives you the scent and feel of bakhoor without the work.

The Bakhoor Electric Burner is an easy-to-use incense burner designed for experiencing and enhancing the environment of any place with modern-day fragrances. The incense burner comes in various colors: black, silver, or rose gold.

What is Bakhoor Price in Pakistan?

While Asan Bazar primarily sells perfumes and scents to use while out and about, we understand that you want your house to smell as good as you do.

That’s why we offer a range of Bakhoor scents for the home. Our collection of bakhoor delivers the purest, cleanest burn when ignited. bakhoor price in Pakistan ranges from 550 PKR to 1500 PKR depending upon the fragrance, brand, and quantity you choose.

Our scented Oud chips or bakhoor give an earthy aromatic experience to your surroundings. Whether you love refined oud chip powder or earthy natural oud chips, both deliver the resinous smell of exotic Agarwood. We serve a rich collection of specialty oud powders and oud chips that match your aromatic preferences.