Ard Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud EDP 100ML

Ard Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud EDP 100ML

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Deep and Dark Al Zaafaran Oud Midnight Perfume for Every Occasion

Intense and magnetic, the fragrance journey of Al Zaafaran Oud Midnight Perfume begins with Bergamot and uplifting Sandalwood and then seasons the rose with a touch of Oud for elegance. The luxurious Al Zaafaran Oud midnight perfume is a wonderfully rich and complex fragrance with Arabic character, inspiring its sweet, smoky, dark aura.

Top notes: Bergamot, oregano, and pepper

Middle note: amber, labdanum and opoponax

Base note: leather, patchouli, Oudh, and sandalwood.



  • Suitable For women and men
  • Contains denatured alcohol (halal)
  • Quantity: 100ml Eau de perfume
  • Bottle with a spray nozzle

This fragrance is a great way of wearing Oud for the day and more approachable for those who consider the ingredient better suited to an after-dark experience.


Elevate Your Scent Game with Midnight Oud Perfume Pakistan

Bold and seductive, the Midnight Oud Perfume Pakistan story ends with warm and sweet leather notes and an enduring oud to finish. With intense and rich base and heart notes, Amber evolves on contact with the skin, taking you on a captivating journey.

Woods, Amber, and Oud are the main stars of this unisex oriental perfume. It has often been called the best interpretation of oud scents in perfumery. Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud Perfume in Karachi, Pakistan, is the most mysterious and sensual one among the al Zaafaran series. The exquisite and precious scents included in this perfume will fascinate you. So, whether you're a lady looking for a spicy scent or a man wants to smell plentiful but not overpowering, this delicate yet dynamic perfume is for you!

What Is Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud Price In Pakistan?

Hitching your way into luxury with the amber notes, sandalwood that help keep your olfactory senses tantalized for hours on end, and oud notes that will have people drooling after you, Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud promises to put everyone else’s headwear to shame! The Al Zaafaran Midnight Oud Price in Pakistan ranges from 1350 to 1450 PKR. Also, check out the Asan Bazar perfume collection for affordable Oud Price in Pakistan.

A dominating combination of spice and woods that will leave you feeling energized, alive, and ready to take on the world! This scent has a rugged edge ideal for a man who does not often use cologne but wants to smell enticingly alluring on a night out or a date.